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The regional energy industry has never been more central on the world stage. Fundamental shifts of ownership, wealth, risk, and commodity prices are being driven by the imbalance between global supply and demand.
ACE’s energy professional have a deep understanding of the industry and do provide services to upstream and downstream energy clients including oil and gas. We retain flexibility in our service schedule to accommodate our clients’ requirements.
Our services include risk analysis, program design, marketing and placing. Our team also provides risk engineering, project risk management and claims services. Our approach is always tailored to clients’ priorities and needs and aims to minimize the cost of risk transfer with the broadest possible coverage.

These solutions come from our access to, and relationships with, global insurance markets in London, Continental Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. By leveraging global market capacity, we help to provide favorable terms and conditions to our clients


ACE provides brokerage, consultancy and claims services for the following industries.  Our professionals apply their experience and working knowledge of clients' industry sectors, and of the unique environments in which they operate, to facilitate the required breadth of coverage and to reduce cost of risk.


Transportation affects nearly every enterprise around the world. Transportation exposures, however, can present significant financial and operational challenges to firms in this industry. Rising fuel costs, employee shortage and retention issues, credit risks, marketplace competition, these and other exposures can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall success.

Our team of experts analyze clients' full spectrum of hazard, operations, strategic and financial risks, then develops forward-looking solutions to avoid, mitigate, or transfer risk.

ACE offers a comprehensive, consultative approach to risk management and delivers the solutions that help clients achieve the rewards that lie on the other side of risk. 


In the sports industry, the rules of play change constantly. Sports organizations must deal with an ever-evolving array of challenges such as venue security, the increasing frequency of litigation, and star players becoming entangled in third-party suits. These risks can threaten organizations' ability to compete in this dynamic and high-profile marketplace
With solid market relationships worldwide through our global partners ACE can help provide customized coverage and limits that address the specific concerns of each client. Further, we present our programs in a creative and dynamic manner that differentiates us in the insurance marketplace.
Understanding the risk issues of our clients' businesses is essential to our ability to provide services and solutions that meet their needs. Our dedicated sports industry colleagues provide exceptional transaction capabilities and innovative solutions and have a rare and distinctive depth of knowledge not only of the insurance marketplace but also of the specific risk issues faced by our clients. Through the lens of our industry specialists we are able to focus on the trends and risk issues specific to our clients' needs.
Our clients include:
  • Local, National and international associations.
  • Professional Clubs
  • Athletes
  • Venue owners
  • Broadcasters & sponsors
  • Leisure industry


Retailing is one of the world's largest industries. As retailing and wholesaling have become more global, competition has intensified. In addition to the global economic downturn, today's retailers face a wide range of challenges, including industry consolidation, employee attraction and retention, and business continuity. And as always, consumers are demanding ever higher quality, at ever lower prices, for the products they buy.

For a retail business, these trends create a host of risks: strategic, financial, operational, and hazard all of which can prove costly.
ACE specializes in addressing the risk and insurance needs of retailers and wholesalers. Our approach includes a thorough assessment of client risks and solutions tailored to meet clients' specific needs. 


Real estate owners, managers, and developers operate in a dynamic industry in which every day "bricks and mortar" risks such as natural hazards co-exist with more complex challenges, including environmental liabilities, partnership and contractual obligations, and stricter lending requirements. The ever-changing nature of the industry is bound to spawn new risks that must be dealt with. 

ACE helps its real estate clients identify, quantify, and manage their risks using an array of services and solutions
 Our long term commitment to the industry is reflected in our understanding of your business. We are accustomed to the responsibilities of landlords to their tenants and of the risk exposures a property investor must consider. There is no need for our clients to spend valuable time educating our staff on the complexities of the property world.


As the backbone of the industrial world, a utility's primary goal would seem to be simple: absolute consistancy and reliability. But this is no easy task in an environment that is constantly evolving on several fronts: in technology, world politics, government regulation and the marketplace.

At ACE we understand the complexities of the electric, gas, water and alternative energy industries. We have experience with all the potential exposures and risk management options for utilities. We have learned that the right solution to a problem can yield benefits beyond risk management and provide a utility company with the tools it needs to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.
Our power and utility professionals offer specialized insurance brokerage, loss control and claims management services to the industry.
Some risks are manageable and can be retained, while others should be transferred to those better suited to accept those exposures. Success lies in the ability to quickly and accurately determine which is which. We help companies evaluate risk and determine ways to remove or alleviate risk exposure that could significantly impact future profitability and help ensure that the lights can always be turned on.


Mining is complex and international, but an effective insurance and risk management program can reduce the cost of risk and help satisfy a variety of regulatory requirements.

We guide clients through the process of creating insurance programs that are closely aligned to a company’s risk tolerance and evolve as a project moves from exploration, to design and into the operational phases.
Our experience is vast in risk analysis, risk mitigation and insurance broking. Our ability to offer pre-underwriting advice on loss control, project risk management and claims means that we help our clients turn risk into opportunity.
ACE’s professionals can help mining clients secure the best coverage, rates, and terms available, and offer services that include comprehensive due diligence studies and alternative risk financing programs. 


The commercial shipping industry, which transports more than 90 percent of the world’s cargo, is complex, volatile and constantly evolving.

We have skills in all aspects of the marine industry and its insurance markets globally, with a specialist focus on mega-yachts, hull and machinery, ports, terminals and logistics companies, cargo and dockside vehicles, protection & indemnity and other marine liabilities, shipyards and claims management policies.

ACE in coordination with our global resources enables you to manage risk more effectively and economically, providing coverage that is based not on what the markets can do, but on your specific insurance needs.
The maritime industry demands specialist knowledge; our product lines drive our global service approach and augment our capabilities with professionals who are dedicated to providing expertise and innovation. 


ACE provides the focused expertise needed to help businesses navigate the complex issues revolving around the operation of their business.

The manufacturing industry, like others, has experienced a series of very challenging developments since 2008. The global recession, coupled with a drop in business and consumer spending, has caused a dramatic slowdown in demand for manufactured goods. In addition, manufacturers face a credit crisis and a spike in energy costs, which they may not be able to pass on to consumers.

ACE coordinates its resources in risk management consulting and insurance placement execution to help clients to reduce cost, identify exposures, quantify risk, find ways to mitigate losses and reduce the cost of risk.
Our professionals understand the key issues and trends affecting manufacturers, and bring an informed approach and creative solutions to help clients manage traditional and new risks. 


Infrastructure investments often involve complex, large, and long-term undertakings. The risks inherent to the sector can be challenging and have far-reaching consequences for every stakeholder throughout the asset lifecycle.
If risk is not managed effectively, it can affect specific assets, capital structure, the organization's reputation, and the volatility of cash flows necessary to service fixed obligations and ensure yield over the period of the investment.
Key challenges:
  • Obtain a clear and in depth understanding of the project or asset risk profile in order to achieve optimum transfer of risk.
  • Understand whether risks are correctly allocated between project participants both on a forward basis and historically.
ACE’s services are tailored specifically to serve stakeholders infrastructure projects:
Our team understands the divergent risk tolerance of the public sector, equity investors, lenders and the construction sector.  We assist clients to manage, reduce and mitigate risk in their projects and investments through preservation of asset value, reduced volatility of revenue streams, redeployment of capital, and confidence to achieve desired outcomes.


Every day, the hospitality industry faces a new and growing world of risk. While travel and dining remain popular public pursuits, demand and consumer expectations have continued to expand with rapidly shifting demographics and the evolution of a global marketplace. Today's challenges include dealing with economic uncertainty and the correlating rising costs of doing business.

ACE serves clients across all sectors of this dynamic industry, from cafeterias, fast food, and fine dining to major hotels.


ACE provides clients with high-quality, practical solutions for risks facing the rapidly changing health care industry. Our team of professionals works with clients to develop workable solutions involving risk identification, risk minimization, risk financing, risk administration and finally adequate insurance programs.


ACE is a regional leader and risk advisor that can support a company and its construction projects from project inception to project completion and beyond. Our specialists understand construction and project management risks and help companies to control their total cost of risk through solutions aimed at deploying capital effectively. By managing costs and processes companies are able to decrease expenses, increase revenues, improve margins, and grow the overall value of their assets and portfolio to make them more successful and competitive.

ACE provides risk management and insurance services to serve the needs of some of the leading construction companies in the markets we operate in. ACE has arranged insurance for projects in excess of $30 Billion over the last two years. Our industry expertise allows us to deliver the services and solutions that are relevant to the construction sector.
We also have considerable expertise in handling lender financed projects and the mechanisms required to ensure full compliance with the project requirements.


ACE provides its clients with expertise that helps them meet their risk challenges.
We service clients in the following CMT industry sectors and have market positions serving emerging growth and mid-cap companies:
  • Communications: Wireline Wireless; Communications Technology; Telecommunication Services
  • Media: Publishing; Broadcasting & Cable; Internet & New Media; Diversified Media
  • Technology: Software; Hardware; Semiconductors; Electronics; Manufacturing; IT Services


ACE provides risk management services and innovative solutions for companies involved in the production, importation and use of chemicals.

Organizations that benefit from our expertise include specialty chemical companies, small and intermediate chemical companies, petrochemical companies as well as industries where the use of chemicals form a significant part of their business activities.
This challenging environment has given rise to a new set of risks as well as heightened concern with traditional exposures.
ACE’s commitment to industry specialization creates a truly differentiated client experience. An experience based on brokerage excellence, analytical rigor, deep intellectual capital and access to unrivaled global talent. Industry expertise is particularly relevant in an industry where managing risks is a core business objective.  


In the aviation industry regional air passenger traffic remains strong, and airlines are re-equipping their fleet, which means increasing insurance coverage to protect the higher values of new aircraft. ACE has the global resources to provide expertise in general aviation, aviation products liability and airlines.
ACE partners are brokers to some of the world's largest airlines, manufacturers, helicopter operators and airports. Our global resources make us the broker of choice for many smaller firms around the world. Our clients, large and small, choose us because they value our specialized knowledge, not only of the aviation & aerospace insurance markets, but also our knowledge of their businesses. The objective is to provide our clients with the best possible service.
We offer expertise in:
  • Aviation Products Liability.
  • General Aviation
  • Airlines.


ACE works with a diverse group of automotive dealers, suppliers and related industry elements to develop innovative solutions that help clients avoid, mitigate and/or transfer their risk exposure.
Even before the global economic downturn, automotive companies had been facing a wide range of challenges and risks including ever-increasing competition and consumer demands, regulatory and labor issues, product recalls, outsourcing, bankruptcies and more.
With so much at stake, automotive companies need a trusted advisor with the experience and resources to help them successfully manage their risk.
Even before the global economic downturn, automotive companies had been facing a wide range of challenges and risks including ever-increasing competition and consumer demands, regulatory and labor issues, product recalls, outsourcing, bankruptcies and more.


ACE provides consultancy and broking services to dairy, feed/seed/grain, horticulture (including greenhouse growers of edible and non-edible produce), poultry and egg producers, and red meat producers.
Staying competitive in the dynamic world of agribusiness requires a sophisticated understanding of individual companies' businesses. With continuous industry changes, there are new risks that need to be identified, quantified, managed, and either retained or transferred.
ACE has hands on experience in providing advisory and transactional services to dairy, feed/seed/grain, horticulture (including greenhouse growers of edible and non-edible produce), poultry and egg producers, and red meat producers.

By Services


ACE offers superior insurance market insight, global resources, and technical expertise to help clients face the world of property risk successfully. We offer unmatched advice and transactional capabilities; our property risk specialists provide personalized service and act as our clients' advocates to the insurance market

We have specialized property expertise in every business and industry in which our clients are involved. We do more than just complete the insurance transaction; we closely work with our clients to identify the full spectrum of their business exposures and provide solutions that help them avoid, mitigate, or transfer their risk. Our property coverage solutions are tailored to clients' specific needs and strategic goals, with the objective of maximizing the insurance protection and minimizing the total cost of risk.
We continually analyze trends that could impact our clients' programs and risk profiles. We inform clients of issues affecting their industry and explain the coverage, policies, and endorsements that make up their programs. We provide clients with customized reports that are tailored to their specific needs, size and risk characteristics.
Our property programs cover a wide variety of assets including
  • Infrastructures.
  • Fixed structures
  • Onshore and offshore installations
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Stocks
  • Assets in care custody and control
  • Assets at manufacturers or repairers
  • Assets in transit
  • Mobile equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Gross Profits 


In our experience of major infrastructure and construction projects, every Project comprises of at least three distinct phases; the Development Phase, the Construction Phase, and The Operational Phase, each of which features its own distinct characteristics, risks and service requirements. We provide one stop service that caters for all the needs of our clients including project developers, EPC contractors and financers to develop a successful Project. We handle a long list of covers including:

  • Contractors All Risks
  • Erection all risks
  • Projects liability
  • Defects
  • Existing property
  • Delay in startup insurance
  • Political violence
  • Overseas shipments
  • Local transports
  • Operational covers
  • Business interruption


Our Marine team is supported by a Global service team that specializes in coordinating global programs. We possess strong knowledge of insurance legislation, international marine practices and have a proven expertise in handling all types of marine business. The classes of business we handle include;  

  • Cargo
  • Hull and Machinery
  • War Risks
  • Loss of Hire and other Business Interruption Covers
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Charterers Liability
  • Ship Repairers, Stevedores and Wharfingers Liability
  • Port and Terminal Operators
  • Building Risks New and Conversion
  • COFR Guarantees
  • Kidnap and Ransom and risks associated with piracy
  • Finance, Credit and Political Risks
  • Fine Arts


We offer complete, customizable plans for any operation, from the private owner operator to an international airline. We also offer a full array of programs tailored to help aviation operations regardless of size, stay at the safety side. Our team of experts and claims specialists will help you acquire the best available cover and claims service.

Our Aviation team offers the products and services below:
  • Airline Hull and Liability
  • General Aviation including Corporate Aircraft
  • Airport Owners and Operators,
  • Airport Liability, including Air Traffic Control
  • Aerospace Product
  • Manufacturer Liability Premises & Products.
  • Hanger keepers Liability
  • Travel Insurance Programmes
  • Finance and Leasing Companies
  • War Risk
  • Satellite pre-launch. Launch & In-orbit Space Hull and Liability
  • Contractual Agreernent Analysis


We deliver the industry’s most competitive and innovative solutions for clients' actual needs, utilizing our market experience to the benefit of our clients.

We offer insurance solutions ranging from traditional transactional casualty insurance programs, both primary and excess, to strategic financing and integrated risk insurance programs.

Our expert team provides clients with detailed analysis of their exposures and offers them advice and recommendation on how to deal with the exposures, reduce costs, manage volatility, stream line administration and develop cost allocation strategies.

The liability coverage we handle include:

  • Automotive;
  • General, Premises and Operation;
  • Products & Completed Operation;
  • Excess;
  • Umbrella
  • Employer’s;
  • Contractual 


The operational risks faced by the financial and professional services community continue to become more onerous. Today's increasingly litigious and regulated environments mean that both companies and their employees face greater exposure arising from the provision of their services.

Our experience and professional knowledge enable us offer technical advice to a wide range of clients across a varied spectrum of businesses. We leverage our market relationships to develop new products and provide competitive solutions.

Our experience covers a wide range of products including:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Errors and omissions
  • Crime - employee and third party and include specific computer related risks
  • Money
  • Bankers blanket
  • Credit
  • Bid and Performance Bonds
  • Directors' & Officers' Liability
  • IPO liability
  • Cyber and IT risk
  • Decennial


Organizations with international operations are exposed to counterparty and country risks in the course of their daily business. The balance sheets of clients with international operation can benefit from the leverage and protection given by the structured use of credit and political risk insurance.
Such clients for whom we act include;
  • Niche operators,
  • Global leaders,
  • International banks,
  • Commodity traders,
  • Exporters,
  • Investors,
  • Manufacturers,
  • Plant and equipment operators and
  • Overseas retailers.
We advise and arrange policies to protect against risks such as:
  • Expropriation
  • Sovereign borrower default
  • Exchange transfer controls
  • Corporate default
  • License cancellation.
  • Political violence
  • War 


Employee Benefits are a form of value, other than payment, that are provided to the employee in return for their contribution to the organization, that is, for doing their job. Some benefits such social security and worker’s compensation may be compulsorily required by law. Other benefits would be offered by Employers as part of their contractual agreement with the employees or as a tool to provide attractive benefits to retain employees.   

With offices around the region ACE provides companies with comprehensive employee benefit brokerage and consulting services. Our Employee Benefits teams are renowned for two reasons:

  • We are known as market experts, offering clients the latest in service and insurance solutions.
  • Our teams specialize in delivering customized solutions for individual countries, based on variances in local demographics, culture, and the competitive environment for talent.

Whether your needs are local or international, we can provide you with the right set of customized solutions and services.

Employee benefit issues should be handled with sensitivity and skill. As an employer, you would want to fulfill your legal and moral obligations towards your employees and you would also want to protect your business from the direct and indirect costs of employee sickness or injury.  

ACE deliver integrated healthcare programs in a friendly, helpful, and extremely professional way.


We offer risk and insurance solutions that address both general and special risks of all local, regional and international events. Our Events insurance services are intended to help event managers manage unforeseen losses and offer a safer environment for their financial stakeholders. We offer a simple and quick application process, and provide timely and competitive insurance solutions. We have a track record of developing products and policy wordings that distinctly address the unique needs of the Events industry.
We have a passion for sports and do understand the working and the needs of the sports industry. We offer our commitment to you and your members to consistently deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.  We have years of knowledge and experience to provide cutting edge solutions that give you the right protection and allow you to focus on your goals.    

We offer a range of products that include;

  • Event cancellation & Non-appearance.
  • Liability for participants, volunteers & Officials.
  • Contractual bonus.
  • Accident and injury
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Prize indemnity
  • Terrorism
  • D&O.
  • Property
  • Professional Liability. 


We provide clients with a better understanding of how to manage and transfer risk through innovative reinsurance solutions, facultative and treaty.

We engage a team of experienced reinsurance professionals, with commitment to meet our client’s expectations.  We work closely with regional and international insurers who are able to deliver competitive terms and adequately respond to our clients’ needs

We quantify the effectiveness of the reinsurance program and help our clients structure their risk transfer programs. We provide assessments of risk exposures, and advise our clients on how to manage and transfer risk through innovative reinsurance solutions with the most efficient access to the regional and international reinsurance markets

Treaty reinsurance involves underwriting and capital objectives on a portfolio level, allowing our clients (insurance companies) to manage growth in premium, return on capital in addition to rating agencies interests.  Ace is exceptionally positioned to design different treaty programs that suit the company’s needs in a way that reflect their unique objectives and underwriting outline.

Through our market research team, we attach the highest priority to market security issues. Through our in-house security committee we closely monitor the security of the reinsurance markets we use worldwide, and we always ensure that our clients’ risks are placed with secure and solvent carriers.  Our security committee monitors each carrier in use and undertakes a review of each on periodical basis. The security review of each (re) insurer takes into consideration, the evaluation report of reputable rating agencies, the financial position of the company, experience of management, solvency magin, claims paying ability and profitability.

Our reinsurance team places with specialized insurers a wide range of products and offers expert services that include:

  • Facultative Placements
  • Treaties
  • Risk Excess
  • Cat protection
  • Stop Loss
  • Non Traditional Finite Covers
  • Retrocession
  • Contract Advice and Review
  • Comprehensive placement and Transactional Service


Our experience combined with our market relationships; enable us to effectively and efficiently resolve the most complex and potentially contentious claims. Our Claims professionals apply their claims handling skills to our clients’ distinct advantage. We support our clients during, and after a loss until the final conclusion of the claim.
Our claims services include assisting clients with:

  • Quantifying losses;
  • Technical assessments.
  • Presenting proper claims support and documentation.  
  • Managing the claim process
  • Conducting negotiations with loss adjusters and insurers; and
  • Negotiating a fair and swift settlement with insurers.


Our Multinational Client Service team works with clients to better understand and manage their global risk exposures. With our global network of partner offices around the world we have access to many experts and resources around the Globe.

We manage and respond to the needs of organizations that operate globally and often need to meet the requirements of multiple governing bodies. Our service team specializes in the design, negotiation, and placement of multinational risk programs as well as servicing our clients' global needs via the dedicated Multinational Client Service network which is a critical asset in managing our clients' global risks.


Our personal insurance professionals deliver world-class service by focusing on partnership and personal attention. Our high standards of communication, stewardship and individual skill and care have made ACE a leader in the field of personal insurance protection.
We undertake a detailed review and evaluation of personal exposures. We then create a tailored program appropriate for the individual or family. Only through careful planning we can create an insurance program that will respond in a consistent manner with our client’s needs, lifestyle and tolerance for risk.
The accumulation of wealth is a successful blend of art and science, and so is its protection. Together, we create a deep understanding of your needs and goals, not just what you own, but what it means to you.
The science of asset security begins with a personal risk assessment and goes beyond simply helping you choose insurance. Our goal is to:
  • Create a personal risk management program unique to you
  • Assist you in evaluating your personal risks and the impact of potential losses
  • Create a highly-tailored protection program that best mitigates those risks 


Captive Insurance companies are insurance companies established with the specific objective of insuring risks emanating from their parent group or groups and occasionally its affiliates.

ACE has the global resources to assist clients who are interested in such type of vehicles for risk transfer. We can help clients choose a suitable domicile for their captives and we provide them with Captive Management Services in territories such as Barbados, Bermuda, Guernsey, Malta and Singapore.

We provide Clients with advice on a range of related issues, including:

  • Evaluating the business goals and operational issues.
  • Forming the Captive.
  • Maximizing returns
  • Selection of domicile.


Decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to insurance. Which provider is right for you, which policy to pick and can you file a claim? These are some of the questions you would need answers to when you attempt to navigate the world of insurance. When facing complicated and unclear insurance issues that require expert advice, you can hire insurance consultants who are trained professionals, to help you.      

Our consulting service is dedicated to providing clients in all industries and geographies with insurance program reviews, strategic advice and innovative solutions across a comprehensive range of insurable and non- insurable risks.

Our understanding of governance and compliance issues, our risk modeling and analytics capabilities, and our knowledge of management and best practices provide our clients with the insights needed to be successful in today’s uncertain economic times and competitive marketplace. We enable company boards of directors, corporate executives, operational leaders, and risk managers to understand how risk might impact performance, how to reduce the cost of risk, how to improve economic outcomes and meet business goals, and how to monitor and manage risk effectively.

Our consultants assist clients with risk identification, assessment, quantification, retention, management, and financing. Working as one team, with an integrated service, we help clients develop enterprise-wide solutions, build resiliency, and achieve their short- and long-term objectives.


 Our expertise covers the full spectrum of business risk from operations through to strategic issues. We provide best practice advice to help you develop your risk management culture. Our services are designed to improve your risk controls and, in turn, reduce your insurance premiums
We have extensive experience in developing solutions to help you manage your business risks. The solutions we offer include
  • business continuity planning
  • risk profiling
  • strategic risk analysis
  • cost benefit analysis
  • managing risk
  • strategic risk management integration

We can help you identify and address all areas of business risk, benchmark your performance against your peers and provide best practice advice to help you develop your risk management policy. All our services are designed to improve your risk controls and, in turn, reduce your insurance premiums.

Our Risk Management team comprises highly qualified specialists with unrivalled experience in their fields. Working with a diverse client base, our consultants understand the wide range of challenges businesses can face, and can shape solutions to help our clients manage their risks more effectively.


Our specialist Surveyors Practice comprises of an experienced team that have dealt with a variety of large firms including multi-disciplinary practices.


Insurance programs are often carried forward from year to year without any change at a time the business itself would be facing challenges and changes in business processes, expansion plans, diversification, territorial expansions, and corporate philosophy.  

Unless reviewed periodically, with time the insurance programs will not adequately respond to all of the exposures created by the changes to the business and that could prove fatal to the survival of the business. We undertake assignments to investigate and do in-depth analysis of the exposures associated with the business and then conduct a gap analysis exercise to identify loopholes in cover if any. We then present our clients with recommendations that would make the insurance program effective and up to date.


A mistake often committed by some contractors at the bidding stage, is to ignore the indemnity, Liability and insurance provisions of the contract. After a contract is awarded it would be too late to budget for exposures and or negotiate it with the Principal. The cost of risk and insurance could shift a contract from being viable to being uneconomical to perform.

We assist our clients with reviews of the contractual obligations under development and construction contracts. Such contracts vary from being simple straight forward contracts to the other extreme of being complicated and complex. We advise clients on the insurance & indemnity provisions to enable them understand the full potential of their exposures and to help them properly budget for the exposures or transfer it. We also do work for lenders and or principals to ensure that the contracts and the related insurance provisions adequately protect their interests.